Glowing Snuggles Glow in the Dark Shark Blanket

Ask for price and MOQ.

Premium 360 GSM 50×60 throw blanket with premium glow material. Our glow in the dark throw blankets are unique in the entire market because we are the only brand to use a large detailed image that also glows.  This is the first every glow in the dark shark blanket on the market with this much color and detail.  Not on market yet but ready for mass production.   Price is FOB for MOQ of 3000 minimum.


As parent’s we see the world through a child’s eyes and understand the importance of having something that helps them feel safe, calm, and confident – especially if they get lonely or scared. We designed our soothing glow in the blankets to help kids of all ages de-stress, feel more confident, and overcome nighttime anxiety. More than a blanket, Glowing Snuggles blankets become your child’s best buddy!

Created to:

1. Reduce nighttime anxiety

2. Be a sensory object for those with autism

3. Bring soothing glow and increase confidence

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