sewing machine BAGAT CIK CAK

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BAGAT CIK CAK with all the functions that the home sewer would need. It looks and sews like a machine twice it’s price.

The machine have a sturdy aluminium internal frame to keep the machines running smoothly at speed and prevent skipping stitches, as well as the ability to sew thicker heavy weight materials appearance not only looks clean and uncluttered but the quality on the brushed outer finish is superb.

Threading is via the horizontal spool pin for a smoother flow of thread to needle. It has a automatic de-clutch mechanism built-in to the hand wheel for winding the bobbin meaning no need to push or unscrew bits and bobs to stop the needle moving whilst winding thread on to the bobbin.

All maschines also includes the electronic foot control. It gives perfect speed control with-out the feeling that the machine is running too quickly. Each needle penetration is powerful even at very slow speeds thanks to the clever BAGAT electronics and powerful motor.

Plenty of room for large fingers or for those of us who have less dexterity in our hands and loading the bobbin case is from the front.

The sleeve arm slides off and lowering the flap gives access to the bobbin case.
9 built in stiches.
Front-loaded bobbin.
Horizontal spool pin.
Four-step buttonhole.
LED light.
Auto needle threader.
Thread cutter.
Free arm.
El. foot controler.


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