Prime Store Supply is a supply and distribution structure for retail sector and HoReCa industry, operated by associated companies that are involved in retail, import, export and distribution business and supported by our integrated logistics services.

Most popular product categories distributed via our supply chain are food and beverage, beauty and personal care products, healthcare products and household products.


Thousands of Qualified Suppliers Are Working With Us

Our suppliers are qualified international manufactures and authorized exporters.

Suppliers produce and supply their products to international retailers on a contractual basis or via direct online orders.

New suppliers may join our supply chain and offer their products upon approval.

B2B Buyers

Our B2B buyers located in most European countries, USA, Canada, Asia and South America.

Among our buyers are large international retail distribution chains, midsize retailers, small local shops and HoReCa companies.

Associated retail chains and HoReCa companies use Prime Store Supply for products selection and their supply chain management.

Buyers select products and suppliers according to their specific demands and requirements.

Biggest Buyers


All listed products are from approved suppliers and available only for B2B orders

Products that are listed with prices can be purchased online.

For products without prices it is recommended to contact suppliers directly for more information, prices, specifications, minimal order quantity, delivery time, private labeling possibilities and so on.


How to select and order products

B2B buyers can select products, contact suppliers, request additional information and delivery options, approve and place orders to suppliers directly or via our support center.

Support Center

For more information, logistics, distribution or any assistance please feel free to contact our Support Center.