Olive Oil Distributors

Olive Oil Distributors

All information about Olive oil distributors and importers.

Olive oil distributors import olive oil from international suppliers in large quantities and distribute it in their local markets.

Biggest Olive importers and distributors located in USA, Europe, Brazil, Japan, China, Canada.

They usually import Olive oil based on long-term supply contracts with substantial quantities and from different producers.

The distribution takes place via retail stores and wholesale centers.

Major Olive oil distributors have sophisticated storage facilities, well-developed logistics infrastructure and vast distribution networks with multilevel distribution channels.

Most Olive oils imported from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries.

Among well-known Olive oil brands many importers and distributors order and import Olive oil with a private label.

However not all categories of Olive oils can be distributed to retail consumers. Based on established legislations in most countries, only Extra Virgin Olive oil, Virgin Olive oil, Refined Olive oil and Olive pomace oil can be purchased directly at the retail market.

Most popular Olive oil categories handled by distributors:

  • Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Refined Olive Oil.
  • Extra Light Olive Oil.

All Olive oil’s characteristics that intend for the retail consumer market should comply with established criteria and legislations.

There are certain quality parameters need to be met:

– Physico-chemical characteristics, such as the acidity level, peroxide index, fatty acid content and sterols composition.

– Organoleptic characteristics, such as the fruitiness and the absence of organoleptic defects.

Also, according to established legal requirements, many countries perform annually a minimum number of controls, proportionate to the volume of olive oil distributed in their territories, to ensure that established standards for Olive oils are respected accordingly.

Additional labelling requirements for Olive oil distributors relate to clarifications such first cold pressing or not, cold extraction or not, organoleptic properties, taste, smell, and harvesting year.

Olive oil distributors in USA, Europe (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal), Brazil, Japan, China, Canada.

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