Sales Agent

Looking for a Sales Agent?

We can help.

Our team could recommend you professional sales agents.

What exactly your Sales Agent can do for you?

A person or a nominated business unit that acts as a sales agent on behalf of the supplier (principal), introducing its products to potential buyers in selected markets in exchange for a commission, based on value of business deals arranged.

A dedicated person that will act on your company behalf would do:

  • Proactive customers approach.
  • Customers meetings arrangements.
  • Your products introduction.
  • Samples delivering
  • Direct sales on your behalf.
  • If necessary, managing your sales offers on our portal.

Reasonable flexible and affordable fee for your sales agent would be cheaper than if you hire your own personnel.

Therefore, we would be glad to hear your general preferences and conditions in this regard.

Any fees are subjects to discussions between principal and the agent.

If you are looking for sales agents, please feel free to submit your free request.