Pasta Distributors

Pasta Distributors

Pasta Distributors: Pasta distribution companies, countries, market analyze, and statistics.

Pasta distributors are companies that import pasta products from international manufacturers and distribute them among customers in their local markets of operations.

Biggest importers and distributors of pasta located in USA, Europe (Germany, UK, Netherlands, France), China, and Japan.

However, there are other fast-growing markets for pasta in Russia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavian Countries, South America, and Canada, which gives perfect opportunities for pasta producers in different countries to expand their business in these regions.

Where Are Most Pasta Suppliers Located?

The biggest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pasta and pasta-like products located in following countries:

Nr. 1 Italy. Italy is the largest pasta exporter in the world. Thanks to the fast-growing popularity of Italian kitchen globally, many Italian pasta producers have managed to establish strong business relations with international distributors of pasta in many countries, which secures them substantial sales-volumes and sustainable growth.

Nr. 2 China. China is a traditional exporter of typical Asian products – noodles, which can be characterized as pasta.

Nr. 3 South Korea. Like a China, South Korea has a long tradition of producing different kind of noodles and during the last decades has managed to develop substantial export volumes.

Nr. 4 Turkey. Turkey thanks to their local traditions and variety of pasta producing technics, is a fast-growing pasta exporter as well.

These 4 countries control the larges segment of international pasta market.

However, unlike the Italy, products from China, South Korea, and Turkey are mostly oriented to their ethnic consumers in markets of destinations.

Italian pasta, from other hand, is a very popular product-category among all kind of distributors and ethnic groups.

The biggest pasta distributors are international retail chains.

Nevertheless, small gourmet stores are also very popular among consumers.

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