How to Order

  • The facility of our supply chain is available only for B2B trade activities.
  • The customers of our supply chain are international retail chains, retail stores and HoReCa companies.
  • The suppliers of our supply chain are manufacturers and authorized exporters only.


All listed products are available only for B2B sales.

Products that are listed with prices can be directly pre-ordered online.

For other products it is recommended to contact our client service for more information about prices, product availability, minimal order quantity, delivery time, private labeling possibilities and so on.

If you are looking for certain products, please do the following steps:

How to Order

Search for a product of your interest.

See if product is listed with a price.

If price is acceptable for you, then you may submit a pre-order.

No online payment is required.

Your pre-order will be forwarded to supplier.

Then supplier will respond to you with the order confirmation and shipment options for a final approval.

If listed product has no price, then it is advisable to submit your request to our client service for all related information about that product.

Your request will be forwarded to supplier.

Supplier will evaluate your request and respond to you with a formal proposal.

You are free to negotiate all aspects of possible order with supplier directly.

Once mutual agreement is reached, you may confirm your order and pay according to confirmed by supplier payment terms.

The delivery terms of ordered products should be additionally agreed with supplier.

If required, we will be glad to assist you with additional logistics services upon request.

Step One – Choose or Request Products for Your Store

Step Two – Shipments