2IN1 Sun Protector Whitening Tone Up Cream

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2IN1 Sun Protector Whitening Tone Up Cream.
2IN1 Sun Protector Whitening Tone Up cream using 2tube in 1 bottles design of packaging provides two products.

The method of using the product is divided into two steps: which is Red color tube – Step 1 using Whitening Tone Up Cream and Gold color tube-Step 2 using Sun Protector.

Please refer to the attachment for product photos.

The product design is suitable for nowaday busy life of modern consumers.

The design of the product provides busy consumers with convenient use and easy carrying.

One price comes with two products with different functions.

The product is also a must-have skin care product for consumers.

The product design is packaged in a different 2 tube in 1 bottle design, which is convenient for consumers to use separately.

1st packaging design in the market.

Product recommended by skincare expert doctor.
✅ Import product 2 Product 1 PRICE.
 ??  Korean formulation & technology with HALAL certificate.

✅ Mask Friendly does not stick directly to the mask.
✅ Long Lasting Makeup to Wear with a Mask.
✅?? Super formula technology antibacterial.
✅ Low cost High Profit-high profit return.
✅ 90% Product Repurchase rate.


Product Main function:-
1. Whiten and brighten glowing skin – Get a Glass Skin immediately in 1 minute
2. Moisturize – double moisture ingredients 1-2 weeks after using the product or you may start seeing results right away
3. Repair skin problems (active ingredients 
against blue light, minimizing dark spots, brightening dull skin, skin tone uneven and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.) 

4. Wear Mask + apply foundation because MASKNE. Mask wearing imposes heat, friction and occlusion on the skin. When combined with a moist environment from breathing, talking or sweating, this triggers an optimal environment for acne breakouts. The pores on your face might get clogged, becoming pimples or acne cysts. In addition, the heat and sweat from prolonged hours of mask-wearing can cause the skin to become dry, itchy and irritated.

5. Suitable for Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily skin type

6. Lightweight texture quickly absorbed by skin -non sticky & non oily


Don’t let the dark side of the sun take over.

2 In 1 skin care product combine benefits of both cream in a single bottle to satisfy protection your skin.

Step 1:Whitening Tone-up Cream.
It soothes, hydrates and brightens your complexion 
It will provide you with glowing skin inside and out! 
Dual functionality of whitening & wrinkle improvement. 
It will make your skin increasingly cleared and allow you comfort in your own skin.
Provides moisture and vitality to tired skin affected by UV rays.

Step 2:Sun Protector.
(SPF50 PA++++)
Strong UV protection function 
SPF50+, PA++++ strongly filters UV rays 
*UV protection cosmetic 

Water Resistant-sun cream that’s resistant to sweat and water. Protection against UV rays is basic!Protect the skin absorb UV rays transform into heat and released from the skin.
Keeps the moisture barrier moisturized all day long even under the hot sun! 
Provides a light-weight finish at the last step of skincare or after wearing makeup by reapplying over makeup. 
Even if you aren’t going to be in the sun all day, you still need sunscreen. 

Net Wt. 28g.



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