Creme 21 Body Milk Lotion 250 mL

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MADE IN GERMANY – for all men and women who value domestic production. The innovative care formula with nourishing pro-vitamin B5 pantothenic acid, almond oil and vitamin E. Dispenses with parabens, micro-plastics, paraffins and silicones and conjures up a gently cared for skin feeling.

PH-SKIN NEUTRAL – Body milk for women and men. As a general skin cream and face cream or hand cream or as a body lotion always a good feeling. For all skin types, e.B dry skin, cracked skin or combination skin. Also as a gift for boyfriend or girlfriend a great surprise! Cream 21 Body Milk ORIGINAL with vitamin E is a rich and intensive care for every day.

DERMATOLOGICALLY CONFIRMED – good skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. As a day cream or night cream, as a body lotion or milk.
ANTI PLASTIC – Without parabens, without silicones, without paraffin – Beauty Skin Care lotion at a high level for women or men.
VEGAN – The cream 21 Body Milk ORIGINAL with the unmistakable fragrance is suitable for vegans.

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With nourishing vitamin E and an irresistibly luxurious fragrance. Creme 21 SOFT Body Lotion is a pampering treat for the skin every day.