Blemish Treatment Gel – Barnaby Skincare

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This natural Blemish treatment gel contains a spot-busting infusion of botanical ingredients, each selected for their anti-bacterial and anti-oxidising powers to help you balance, soothe and treat unwelcome breakouts.

Our spot fighting ingredients were added to an Aloe Vera base to help rebalance natural oil levels. Aloe Vera leaf juice is key for soothing properties related to acne and prevents scarring through increasing collagen synthesis. Blended with Sea Buckthorn fruit oil reduces redness and swelling whilst also nourishing the skin to soften and heal scars. This oil contains a natural source of a wide range of vitamins providing anti-oxidising properties therefore reducing the signs of premature ageing. Tea Tree Leaf Oil provides anti-bacterial properties that help tackle the dreaded bacteria living in hair follicles causing spots.


After cleansing your skin, apply a thin layer of the gel to the affected area.