Carob Syrup Black Essence

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Our flagship product CERATONIA+ BLACK ESSENCE, it is an ideal reference for those who do not know what carob really is, because this product´s smell, colour and flavour, are 100% carob that makes this syrup unique. It affords people with new pleasant taste sensations. Its rich in antioxidants, minerals and with a low glicaemic index, which make it suitable for people whit dyabetes type II.


This is a  functional syrup due it has a unique nutritional composition:

Carbohydrates: 39-42% sucrose, 12-14% dextrose, 14-16% fructose à Well-balanced proportion.

Functional food: 1-5% POLYPHENOLS with acknowledged antioxidative and anti-aging properties + 9 – 12% PINITOL, a bioactive compound associated with multiple health benefits (see below).

Source of minerals: 870-970 mg/100 g of Potassium, 195-220 mg/100 g of Calcium and 60-80 mg/100 g of Magnesium à 100 mL of a beverage enriched with 10% with CERATONIA+ will contain 30% of the daily recommended intake of Potassium and 10% of Calcium and Magnesium.