Electrolyte Enhanced Water 16 oz

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Energy water enhanced with a flash of electrolytes to boost your activity for the day! 



Marketing Plan

If we are your selected choice of bottled beverage supplier for the year, then we will be using targeted marketing Google Ads and industry related influencer marketing plans based on the store locations to promote the products. We will also provide the display stands for our drinks.

Comes in a modern refillable and reusable aluminum bottle that is eco-friendly.

Easy to spot on a shelf.


MOQ 300 pallets


24 Ct / 72 case / 16.9 oz PET Bottles / Pallet – 2190 lbs / 993 kg

24 Ct / 72 Case / 16 oz Aluminum Bottles / Pallet – 2118 lbs / 960 kg


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