LAB NUTRITION “LINZI” Biscuits-12psc in box

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BOX OF “LINZI” Biscuits 12 PCS.
Whether you are looking for motivation before you start training, or something to help you recover to fight and be ready for the next session, a hard day’s work or a new project, we have the necessary Organic Food and Drinks, of which you need.



LAB NUTRITION “LINZI” Biscuits are extremely tasty and useful biscuits, rich in fiber and protein, without any excess ingredients.

Functions and features:

  • Rich in fiber

  • Protein source

  • Without lactose

  • No palm oil

  • No trans fat

  • 3 great flavors-Seeds, Coconut, Peanut butter

  • with neck oil

LAB NUTRITION “LINZI” Biscuits are extremely tasty and crunchy biscuits, rich in fiber and useful nutrients. They contain oil from the neck, which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. In addition to increasing the body’s natural defenses, it is effective in combating various types of inflammation and bacterial infections.

LAB NUTRITION “LINZI” Biscuits does not contain lactose, palm oil and any unnecessary fillers.

Ingredients: Wholemeal rye flour, wheat flour, oilseeds 38% (in variable ratio: sunflower seeds, sesame, flaxseed), oatmeal 22%, Raisins 5%, eggs, vegetable fat (sunflower oilseed rape, neck), fructose, Thickener (sodium bicarbonate)