Premium Extra virgin Organic Culinary Argan oil

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Extra Virgin ArgafiG Argan oil, edible oil for better health
• 100% Certified Organic By ECOCERT
• 100% natural and pure
• First cold pressed for optimal purity of slightly roasted kernels
• 100% Raw, Virgin, All Natural, Unrefined
• Free of preservatives, dyes

Argan oil, introduced by great chefs inspired by its originality, is used in international cuisine as a particularly flavorful condiment to aromatize salads, meats and grilled fish or fried vegetables, … bringing an oriental and exotic touch.
It comes from production respecting traditions and environment with an approved specification. Kernels were slightly roasted before being cold pressed to highlight this unique and appreciated argan oil taste.
The Culinary Argan oil presents remarkable properties from the dietary and nutritional point of view. Its specificity is its high content of unsaturated fatty acids (80% of omega 9 and omega 6 that is not synthesized by the body) and of tocophérols (vitamin E, powerful antioxidant), hence its important role in reducing bad cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease.
This edible oil is available in quality opaque glass bottle of 250ml.
The EXW price: 9,40 €/unit