Quick Makeup Stencils + Free Sample of Quick Eyeliner Stickies 12 pcs

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“Quick make-up stencils” is the latest cosmetic product, which every woman must have! They completely change the way you do your make-up and save your time and efforts. This product is unique, first of its kind make-up tool, which will help you create different looks/visions easily and effortlessly.
With “Quick make-up stencils” you can create :
-Classic eyeshadow
-Classic eye line/ thick or bold eye line as you prefer
–Bold eyeliner look
-Dramatic eye make-up
-Eyeshadow application
-Almond eyes make-up
-Fish tail line
-Eyelash curling
– The most precise outlining of the bottom lashline.
-Double Eyeliner.
– 3 different eyebrows shapes- for the perfect fill in and shaping of the eyebrows.
All of these are collected in one stencil which you can take everywhere with you. They are very compact, you can carry them in a purse and can be used anywhere. This product has been created with attention to detail and understanding, the template has a unique design, with which you can create different visions, from daily to extreme bold look. Different thickness of eyeliner according to the occasion. Combining different colors you can create unlimited number of visions.
If you still can’t put your eyeliner right, if you are in a hurry in the morning and have no time for the perfect makeup – Quick makeup stencils is for you. No more blurs and asymmetric lines, and no more putting makeup over and over. After using it two or three times, you will get used to it that makeup will only take you as little as 3 minutes. One set contains 3 stencils and a manual with photos. You can use it with your favorite product – eye shadows, eyeliner, or gel eyeliner. Buy “Quick make-up stencils” today and recommend it to your friends. Use of the product is completely safe and utterly easy!



Quick Makeup Stencils + free Sample of Quick Eyeliner Stickies 12 pcs – 0768114028241

1. Quick Makeup Stencils – 3 pcs

2. Bold Eyeliner – 6 pais or in total 12 Stickies

3. Instruction Manual