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Every moment of the day has its perfect Dersut coffee.

This is why we have thought of a real “‘iter of happiness”, a selection in which you can find 4 different types of Nespresso® compatible Dersut capsules:

1. ORO BLU, perfect for the morning because it is harmonious and at the same time full-bodied. Full taste and aroma with floral and fruity scents.

2. NON-PLUS ULTRA, a real “cuddle” for your well-deserved lunch break. A blend made up of 100% of only the finest and most selected varieties of natural and washed Arabica coffees in the world, with a chocolate aftertaste, toasted bread, floral and fruity hints of citrus. Certified Italian Espresso Quality by IEI and winner of the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2016.

3. Caffè Light, this Light® blend has been designed and created for all those who love coffee so much that they can never give it up, ever. This special coffee is dewaxed and is therefore highly digestible, full-flavored, with a reduced caffeine content. Perfect for non-stop afternoons; a burst of pure energy, without heaviness!

4. DecaLight, is the decaffeinated-dewaxed coffee with a pleasant taste and perfect digestibility, perfect for the evening and for a pleasant after dinner.

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