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Blend of roasted coffee beans, specially designed to offer a high quality espresso tasting experience.


Selected coffee beans. The blend is composed of six different origins of coffee roasted individually in order to enhance the aromatic notes of the Arabica varieties and the body of Robusta and to guarantee a complex and balanced taste profile.

Artisanal roasting. The coffee beans are subjected to an artisanal roasting for each coffee origin. The roasting is carried out with care to preserve the distinctive characteristics of the beans and to accentuate the desired aromatic notes.

Intense taste profile. The “espresso experience” blend has been specially formulated to offer an intense taste full of character. The scent has different nuances that are appreciated before tasting, anticipating the aroma and flavor of the drink. The notes of caramel blend with more intense fragrances of tobacco and chocolate. These characteristics invite you to taste it without added sugar or sweeteners.

Thick and velvety cream. Thanks to the choice of coffee beans and the appropriate roasting, the “espresso experience” collection is able to produce a thick and velvety cream on the surface of the espresso. The cream, a distinctive element of every espresso, here has an intense hazelnut color. It is pleasantly compact and gives sensations of great softness.

Fresh packaging. To preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee, the “espresso experience” collection is packaged in a protective atmosphere in bags that help protect the coffee from oxygen, light and moisture, thus preserving its flavor and aroma.