VV Lips

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The VV Lips vial is designed for lip hydration treatments and to complete any micropigmentation.
The box contains 3 vials of 5 ml.
Certified Vegan Product PETA
Product origin: Spain.


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It is the first treatment that exists with the combination of mineral pigments, high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and peptides with anti-aging action. We manage to regenerate the lips, providing natural color with a volume effect, thanks to deep hydration. Several sessions can be carried out depending on the effect we want to achieve. The result is hydrated lips, with a natural color, filling the lines of the lips, leaving an effect of volume.

The vial of VV Lips is designed to be combined with micropigmentation and obtain the best results, resulting in hydrated lips, creating new collagen and elastin, as well as leaving a long-lasting color that will remain on the lips between 6 and 12 months. Use as a pre and post lip augmentation treatment, as it enhances its effect to make it last longer.

The new Candy Lips technique is the great innovation in micropigmentation worldwide. The lips are no longer dull and lifeless, managing to regenerate them.


We must remember that the vial of VV Lips can also be used only as a treatment without the need for micropigmentation and will achieve incredible lip care, due to the large amount of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights it contains.

It is a product of European manufacture that complies with the European Cosmetics Regulation No. 1,223 / 2009, has the Certificate of Good Practices granted by the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) and is registered in the CPNP (European Notification Portal of Cosmetics). European regulations require that it not be tested on animals, we delve further into this premise and our cosmetics do not contain any product of animal origin.