DANSC-3214 10KG


Nugape has worked to develop a new line of food following strict quality criteria, in order to produce products of high nutritional value for our pets. Quality is our main commintment and our specialist team are present in each of the steps of the production process. The raw materials we use are all of European origin and of the highest quality in the sector, subjected to rigorous purity control before being used. DANNA PET is made with ingredients of the highest quality, guaranteeing superior digestibility and optimal nutritional values that strengthen the health and well-being of the pet. Moreover, notice that at DANNA PET the main source of animal protein is chicken. We only use those ingredients that contain nutrients necessary for your pet. We do not use unnecessary ingredients. We have direct contact with our suppliers (all European) and we produce our dry foods in our own factory (in Galicia, Spain). Danna Supreme is formulated with cereals free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and will be an optimal choice for every dog and cat.