Why Hipatone and what it can make difference than other related medication
CLINICALINDICATIONS: Jaundice, Liver Detoxification and Liver Tonic
1. Safe and effective.
2. Small molecule and easy to digest.
3. Natural source of Supplement.
4. No side effects observed or adverse effect even taken with conventional drug therapy.
5. It helps to improve Liver Cirrhosis conditions, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Indigestion, Hepatomegaly, Fatty Liver, Loss of Appetite-Hepatoprotective and Immunomodulatory effect.
6. It helps to remove toxic substances from the liver. (Detoxification)
7. Healing period starts within short tenure- 2 to 10 days depends on status /condition of disease state.
8. Well established plant based drug with analytically and clinically proven track record.
9. Convenient packaging.
10. Protected by the patents – US Patent (GRANTED)-PCT-International Published and Indian Patent Granted
11. Low cost.
12. Ideal “Diuretics” – for the Liver.
13. Each Capsule: * ADULT: Strength: 500 mg. 2 Caps. b.i.d. followed by
* CHILDREN: 250 mg. Cap. b.i.d. followed by water. (10-
18 Years of Age)
* ELDERLY: 500 mg. 2 Cap. b.i.d. followed by water.
OR as directed by the registered medical practitioner.

14. PREGNANCY & LACTION: Not Tested in case of pregnancy and lactation.
15. Available in Capsule form.
16. Avoid Oily, Fatty food and alcoholic drinks.
17. Preferable as a prophylactic in case of susceptible conditions of jaundice.
18. Studious research carried out by the experienced and scholarly team of scientists.
19. Registered Trade Mark
20. Arranged manufacturing facilities with GMP, cGMP, GLP, ISO, WHO specifications with strict surveillance for quality control.