Alleppey Turmeric Finger

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Indian Turmeric, which is also popularly known as “Indian Saffron”, because of its Bright Yellow Color, is considered the Best in the World. There are different Quality Grades of Whole Turmeric which are available in India depending upon the part of India where they are grown. Tevo Foods offering Alleppey Turmeric Finger From Kerala, Rajapuri Turmeric Finger From Maharashtra, Salem Gattha Turmeric Finger From Tamil Nadu, and Nizamabad Turmeric Finger From Andhra Pradesh. Alleppey Turmeric Finger is well known for its High Curcumin content. The Indian state of Kerala is the Biggest Producer of Alleppey Quality Turmeric. Alleppey Turmeric has a deep yellow to orange-yellow color and particularly grows in the Thoduphuzha and Muvattupuzha areas of central Kerala. The USA is the Biggest Importer of Alleppey Turmeric, which is Exported from the Cochin Port in India

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Turmeric is the boiled, dried, cleaned, and polished rhizomes of Curcuma longa. The plant is a herbaceous perennial, 60-90 cm high, with a short stem and tufted leaf. There are 7 to 12 leaves, the leaf sheaths form the pseudostem. The lamina is green above and pale green below and has a length of 30-40 cm and a width of 8-12 cm. The inflorescence is a central spike of 10-15 cm in length. 1-4 flowers are born in the axil of the bract opening one at a time. About 30 flowers are produced in a spike. Seeds are produced in capsules and there will be one to numerous sunken capsules in an inflorescence.