Gummy vitamins for maintaining vitality

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Formula Vely be refreshed™ has been developed by pharmacists to support your health in maturity. A complex of juicy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural substances.

Your body will be strong, active and attractive. Gummy vitamins give you enough strength and energy to make you feel great for as long as possible.

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Be refreshed™ gummy vitamins for maintaining vitality and support your health give you enough strength and energy to feel great for as long as possible. They support immunity, the body’s natural defences and the health of the upper respiratory tract. They contribute to the normal function of the respiratory and immune systems.

Your body will be strong, attractive and active thanks to:

  • Vitamin C – contributes to the proper formation of collagen and to the appropriate function of the skin, cartilage, and gums, supports the optimal functioning of the nervous and immune systems of psychics,
  • Zinc – is helpful in the correct metabolism of carbohydrates, macronutrients and fatty acids, maintains healthy bones, beautiful hair, nails and skin, contributes to maintaining good eyesight and protects cells from premature ageing,
  • the herbal extract of Echinacea,
  • Propolis extract,
  • Elderberry fruit extract.

The nutritional supplement be refreshed™ will fully support your health so that you will feel and look great, regardless of age. Sweet raspberry flavour.

60ks = 150g