Marine beauty collagen

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Marine collagen beauty be attractive™ developed by pharmacists based on enzymatic hydrolysis, has been proven to support your inner strength and unique beauty from the inside out.

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Marine beauty collagen be attractive™ is a nutritional supplement that is an ideal choice to replenish active substances in the body so that you always feel attractive and energetic. As a result of ageing, the body stops producing collagen, which is essential for beautiful skin, flexible connective tissues, strong bones and sports regeneration. Be attractive™ beauty marine collagen will nourish your beauty and musculoskeletal system from the inside thanks to:

  • fish collagen PEPTAN® F – clinically tested hydrolyzed daily dose up to 5500 mg,
  • type I collagen peptides, the most abundant type of collagen peptides in the human body,
  • highly bioavailable and bioactive collagen peptides with proven scientific efficacy*,
  • verified sustainable origin from wild-caught marine fish.

Be attractive™ marine beauty collagen is additionally enriched with:

  • vitamin C – contributes to the natural formation and absorption of collagen and to the proper function of bones,
  • biotin – helps maintain healthy hair and skin,
  • pantothenic acid – contributes to the reduction of exhaustion and fatigue,
  • vitamin B12 and B6 – contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system,
  • copper – contributes to healthy hair and skin pigmentation, and protects against oxidative stress.

Discover the highly effective marine beauty collagen be attractive™ and fall in love with its juicy strawberry natural flavour.

*Anne J. Kleinnijenhuis et al., Untargeted and Targeted Analysis of Collagen Hydrolysates During Digestion and Absorption (2019)

Age recommendation: from 25 years

Net weight: 180g (30 sachets/1 sachet = 6 g)

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