NFO Omega-3 Ultima 120

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Extremely high concentrated Omega-3 product. Premium quality from Norway.


NFO Omega-3 Ultima is a natural bioactive complex of Omega-3 PUFAs in soft, odorless, and tasteless gelatin capsules with the highest concentration of EPA and DHA in one capsule, based on highly purified fish oil.

Particularly suitable:

• For individuals who expect the best and want to get the most out of their Omega-3 supplementation with fewer capsules with the highest bioavailability;

• For individuals with strenuous physical activity;

• During pregnancy and breastfeeding, for women.

Form of Omega-3 PUFAs: Esterified triglycerides.

Instructions: Adults should take 1-2 capsules per day with meal.

NFO Omega-3 Ultima Complex has the following features:

• The highest concentration of EPA and DHA in a single capsule (990 mg) among NFO Omega-3 products, resulting in the fastest recovery of EPA and DHA levels in the body (highest effectiveness with less capsule consumption);

• Since EPA and DHA are in the form of esterified triglycerides, they have a high bioavailability;

• Clinically proven effectiveness in athletes in the complex of rehabilitation and recovery activities;

• The highest level of quality of the complex guarantees the lowest level of TOTOX among NFO Omega-3 products.
Expiration date ― 3 years.