NFO Omega-3 1000 MG

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NFO Omega-3 1000 mg is a natural, highly pure fish oil in gelatin capsules that are soft, odorless, and
tasteless and provide a high daily dose of Omega-3 PUFAs.


Only freshly caught sturgeon, herring, smelt, mackerel and sand lance fish carcasses are used in the production of NFO Omega-3 1000 mg. One capsule contains 1000 mg of Omega-3 PUFArich fish oil, 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA. The product can be used to maintain Omega-3 levels in the body on a regular basis because of the triglyceride formula.

Instructions: Adults should take 1-2 capsule per day with meals.

Form of Omega-3 PUFAs: Triglycerides.

NFO Omega-3 Complex 1000 mg has the following features:

• High bioavailability ― natural form of Omega-3 PUFAs ― triglycerides;

• Recommended daily dose to start taking Omega-3;

• High level of Omega-3 PUFAs in a daily dose.

Expiration date ― 2 years.